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Alison Sudol
Lately I feel like my life needs to be recorded. Maybe because I've done so much reading of late. But all of a sudden, I keep feeling the need to record every thought in my brain, every book I read movie I watch etc. And what's worse is I feel the need to publish it. For everyone to see. The internet is like exhibitionism for shy people. Parade your life around instead of your body. And at the same time it's a great way to stay connected with people, I know what Denise is reading right now from Living social. Don't even need to ask her. it's a creepy paradox of knowledge sans the quest for it. I mean sure i seek it out but at no real pains to me. easy access to information, a blessing or a curse?

And what does me posting these thoughts on LJ make me?

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You're right, the internet is like voyeurism for the homebodies. This post in simultaneously brilliant and insightful, and a little creepy. But mostly brilliant and insightful. Which is why I like it.

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