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There's a line in there that goes like this:

Dad: Well at least you're over David
Sabrina: Yes father I'm cured, but now how to get over the cure? 

So to decrypt: I'm over Marc, but it could be only because I'm attracted to someone else now... What the Hell happened to me? 2 boys in 2 months... I bet it's because they're all NEW to me... I bet that's it! 

HAHA I'm not crazy! YAY! 


Hello Darlings!
Alison Sudol
Alrighty, What do I have to tell you? Well first the Scary News.

My neighbor is a creep. I was going to tell you the whole story, but I am supressing that and can't bring myself to actually tell the full story. Let's just say that he didn't just want help writing a letter. And I can't really explain it through LJ, and that sucks because I don't want to scare you into thinking that he raped me or anything (because he didn't) but he definitely took advantage of me and it was definitely a scary thing, and I definitely don't feel comfortable going home, but I don't know what's going to happen now (it just happened yesterday) but I have good friends here who are taking care of me and making sure I'm okay, and so I'm in the process of taking care of it as we speak so don't worry I'll be fine! AND MY MOTHER DOESN'T KNOW YET! 


I bought a beautiful black dress to wear to the halloween party! Now I just need matching accessories, and I'll be set!! I'm so excited it's a GORGEOUS DRESS!!

You all should come visit me, because me and my friends know how to show people a good time! And we have a weird potato tradition you need to partake in!  Okay I'm getting distracted by friends and facebook so I'll end it there...

And then everything just stops.
Alison Sudol
It's the end of the tilt-a-whirl.... I had quite a day that kept me from being sad or lonely but now that I'm here all alone... it's a little sad, I'm a little sad... I'm tempted to call Jazz... But I'm really tired maybe I'll take a shower then call, we'll see. Jazz if you're reading this and I haven't called I will soon, I may have fallen asleep...

I'm avoiding cleaning....
Alison Sudol
So Denise wanted me to post to my LJ soon and I really don't want to get up to finish cleaning my apartment so I'm gonna just update. I don't really have that much to say though.... I don't have an awesome Rick to post about... and yeah. My friends are coming over for Thai food tonight, well we're going to go get Thai food then come to my apartment to eat it. I'm exhausted because last night was the first night i didn't sleep well in my apartment, it was weird.... anyway.

Well my mom left this morning, and I didn't have time to be sad about it because I had to rush back to French class. I only managed to be there for 5 minutes... damn metro.... but my teacher actually seemed really nice about it, soooooo I guess she just likes me :) Then I had English, which was interesting I guess but is generally boring because we're studying Oedipus....

Oh here's something exciting this weekend is "journees du patrimoine" which means that essentially all the museums and state buildings are free and stuff to get into, and there are special markets and fun stuff so I'll probably go to that, and it'll be fun.


well really she said that they are becoming more authoritarian.... I read that in the newspaper this morning I was so excited and at the same time i was like DUH Condi.... 

anyway that's all for now.... bad entry i know, but I'll give you better later I promise...

Well Hello There!
Alison Sudol
I'm so sorry I haven't been better about this, but it is so difficult to find the time to get on the internet.

Well right now, I'm sitting in my Paris apartment listening to the paris rain fall on my paris roof after I ran past the eiffel tower to get home. i'm currently soaked in paris rain. It feels like a dream, I think it is a dream, actually I know it's not because if I was dreaming I wouldn't be alone, but you know c'est la vie. And don't get me wrong I have tons of friends (in fact I'm out with them almost every night), but yeah you know what I mean!

Well, I know that's *uber* short, but I really need to wash dishes so I'm going to go do that...

I figured it out...
Alison Sudol

I'm not excited to leave, I'm excited to go. There, Marchelle had a slightly emotional moment on LJ, now back to the constant happiness that is my life.


Alison Sudol

I had something to say, and of course i forgot what it was...

But how is it that I check LJ EVERY FREAKING DAY and the one day I don't you people update!!!! I HATE KARMA DIE KARMA DIE!!!!!!!

I must say i feel a little better now...


*blink blink*
Alison Sudol
Tonight my dad took me to see "Vicky Christina Barcelona" it was really good. It was Woody Allen, I love Woody Allen. I haven't seen a lot by him so i'm not like an expert or anything, I just love everything I've seen by him. (Which is VCB, Match Point and  Scoop... and they all have Scarlett Johannsen... hmmm)

Anyway other than that i just wanted to say, that I'm finally nervous about something, which is not finding the welcome desk in the airport....  and now that I"m nervous I can't sleep hence the 12 am LJ post...

1, 2, 3 O'clock, 4 O'clock rock!
Alison Sudol
We're gonna rock around the clock tonight! 

Right now two weeks in the future I will be in a plane hovering across the atlantic ocean. 

Therefore this post is dedicate to time themed songs. (Because every moment is tied to music) We've already had the classic, and now a few more favorites. 

You're there in the time slip
And nothing can ever be the same
You're spaced out on sensation, like you're under sedation
Let's do the Time Warp again!

ahhhh the time warp! which, although not preformed at Thespians, reminds me of thespians and me and Drew knowing all the lines from R&G Are Dead! good times! 

There's "Turn Back Time" by Aqua, which reminds me of my youth, when I would constantly listen to Aqua, and knew all the words. 

Here's another famous one: 

Lyin' in my bed I hear the clock tick and I think of you
Caught up in circles confusion is nothing new
Flashback, warm nights almost left behind 
Suitcase of memories 
Time after somtimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead 
You're calling to me 
I can't hear what you've said
Then you say go slow 
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds
If you're lost you can look and you will find me.... 

YOU GUESSED IT "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper, which was made famous again by the recent film Napoleon Dynamite, but if you're curious, "I'll Kiss You" and "She Bop" are also good if you like 80s Pop! 

Ah, and I'm sure we all remember the boy band ballad of our early childhood "God must have spent a little more time on you" by the oh so lovable N*SYNC which has produced a cast of characters, from the man who brought sexy back, JT, and the homosexual astronaut, Lance, to everyone's favorite TV game show host, Joey Fatone. Don't get me wrong, I love these guys, they provided for a very entertaining childhood.  

We'll end with the ultimate final dance number, not only of Kellerman's Talent Show, and the classic film Dirty Dancing, but also of this entry, So everybody go jump into the recuperating Patrick Swayze's arms, and turn up the volume on "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."
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Yes perhaps I am wasting perfectly good internet space with mindless blabber...
Alison Sudol
 ...But I am happily unaware of the fact that no one cares and truly believe that I am amazing enough for someone to stumble across this randomly and find some sense of joy from it. .............................. Okay maybe not the second part as much, but a girl can dream right? 

The point is two good things happened today amidst all the BAD. 

Number 1. I finished Persuasion, and for hose of you fond of adventure and intrigue and scandal and lust.... Don't read it. But for those who are more practical, like myself, and have interest in character and clever narration of seemingly pointless events, this my friends is the book for you. If you can struggle through the first half you'll absolutely love the second and it will make you feel all warm and tingly inside. But I don't want to give away too much! 

Speaking of Warm and Tingly...

Number 2.  We Watched Sabrina tonight. ahhh Sabrina. Now despite what kind of movie person you are everyone needs to see at least one Audrey Hepburn Movie. If you like Comedy "How to Steal A Million" Drama "Two For the Road" Documentary "Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn" Romance "Sabrina" Or "Roman Holiday" And if you like weird indie flicks, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" There are others of course, but those are the ones that I have actually seen, and can recommend. Oh and if you like Horror, I would Recommend Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock, absolutely genius, not Audrey, but Grace Kelly, so close.  Anyway BACK ON TRACK, now if you've recently seen my facebook profile you will know that I refer to my near departure to Paris as me as Audrey and therefore can infer how much the movie means to me. Well watching it tonight just made my heart flutter. I LOVE Sabrina, she is one of MY FAVORITE characters ever, and to see this movie again right now just made me absolutely sparkly and hopeful, and it cheered me up a little although not enough to change my facebook status...

Still angry and disappointed, 
But becoming slightly renewed, 
and feeling the need to sign off like a letter, 
Forever Marchelle


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