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Random reflection on my life # 1,732
Alison Sudol
Creepy Neighbor Guy.

I'm working on forgiveness. I'm trying to be all Desmond Tutu about it. It's fucking hard. But today I was randomly and I must admit only momentarily grateful to the dickhead. And that scares me a little, but I think it's because if he hadn't completely destroyed me in those few minutes I wouldn't know that I can pick myself up and put myself back together again. I think I needed to know that.

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That's a good skill to have. And it's always good to know that you're strong enough to do so, because then nothing can scare you. Nothing and no one can hold that power, that fear over your head.

And please know that if anyone ever hurts you, I'll fly over there and personally cut off their junk. Because I love you that much.

Well, I dunno what got you to thinking about this, and what got you to understanding the positive side of it, but I'm glad that you got there all the same. There is probably nothing more difficult in life than looking at something so horrible and emotional and traumatic and finding some kind of sense in it, knowing that everything does indeed happen for a reason, and that, after time, you'll be able to find it. I'm so proud of you. And must tell you that I love you and you can talk to me whenever you just need to rant or vent or cry or anything. But know that you are strong enough to get through anything, and you can always depend on your own strength.

♥ Jess

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