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Quote of the day:
Alison Sudol
" With thoughts of the tens of millions of human lives destroyed by other millions. I'll just say that I believe- no empirically, alas, but only theoretically- that, for someone who has read a lot of Dickens, to shoot his like in the name of some idea is somewhat more problematic than for someone who has read no Dickens... A literate, educated person, to be sure, is fully capable, after reading some political treatise or tract, of killing his like, and even of experiencing, in so doing a rapture of conviction. Lenin was literate, Stalin was literate, so was Hitler, as for Mao zedong, he even wrote verse. What all these men had in common, though was that ttheir hit list was longer than their reading list."

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Who said this? Because I like it. =D Almost as much as I like you.

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